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Give a Bike, Get Discounts on a New One

Do you have a beautiful bike just lying around your garage or shed because no one is using it anymore?

Perhaps your child has outgrown it or your interests have changed.

Instead of just biking around the neighborhood, maybe you’d like to purchase a sturdier bike that is made for the great outdoors.

Why not bring that lovely bike of yours to a bike shop Memphis expert and trade it for a new bike at marked down value.

Of all the bicycle shops in Memphis, Pedaltown Bicycle Company offers a unique deal that is a win-win deal for many.

This helps out those who want to enjoy the thrill of going around town or commuting to work on a bike that still works.

At the same time, it also provides an excellent offer that new bike buyers will love.

Many locals are bringing in their children’s bikes and even fixer-upper road bikes to the Memphis bicycle shop.

Known for our bike repair services, Pedaltown Bicycle Company can fix any bike that may not be running as smooth and safe as it did before.

If you’ve stopped using your bike because it needed some repair work done, just take it to our bike store Memphis location.

You may even find your dream bike price slashed with 10 percent off its original price.

Plus, Pedaltown Bicycle Company is also offering 6 months no interest plan for those who want to buy their dream bike up for sale at our location.

For those who are interested, you may also talk to us about our no payment financing option.

If you’re searching for special deals from bike shops Memphis TN locations, you can visit Pedaltown Bicycle Company and purchase our current road bike package for only $499.

Road bikes are excellent for long rides on bike paths and roads.

Travel far and fast with road bikes at price reduced value.

The package also comes with bike shorts and a helmet for safety down the road.

Note that the package already includes taxes so $499 is all you really have to pay for.

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