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What Type of Bike is Best for You?

Are you looking at the bikes in bicycle shops in Memphis and think that they are all the same bikes? Quite the contrary, bikes come with different unique features and are designed for various locations and speed. Just as you’d look funny biking around a small town in a huge mountain bike, so you’d have trouble travailing in rocky places on cruisers. Every type of bike is built with the performance a biker expects when he scouts for his ride from bike shops Memphis TN locations.

Slow, Easy Bicycle Rides Around Town

If you have a small neighborhood where you enjoy biking on weekend afternoons or early in the morning, a more simple and yet sturdy bike is for you. A cruiser bike is excellent for riding around the park or heading towards the local bakery from some fresh croissants. It’s suitable for recreational biking on local paths solo or with a friend. You may even enjoy a leisurely biking activity with your family on a lazy Saturday. Another type of bike you may want to try is the single speed bike, also known as the fixies. These are perfect for exploring downtown or uptown and just any other cemented location in between. Single speed bikes are stylish and can be customized depending on your style so you can ride around town in a fashionable bike. Check out some at the local bike store in Memphis Pedaltown Bicycle Company.

City Streets and Commutes on bike

The bike shop located in Memphis also has hybrids. The hybrid bike is a special kind of bike meant to handle roads, bike paths, and even slight off-road sections. It’s excellent for commuting, biking along city streets, roads, and bike paths. It’s great for function as well as recreation. If you have big kids who are moving up from their push bikes, you can purchase a sturdy geared bike for them made for more experienced riders and traveling longer distances.

Biking Off-the-Beaten-Path beyond the Roads

If you’re the adventurous type who loves exploring new locations, you should definitely go for either a road bike or a mountain bike. These types of bikes are made to take on rugged terrain, big rocks, and rough trails. There is no stopping you from going on the adventure you want to take on with these types of bikes. What are you waiting for? Head over to the Memphis Bicycle Shop location of Pedaltown Bicycle Company. For special deals, check out